Cancer Support

ACCESS Cancerlink.... a support network for those with cancer and their family, friends, co-workers, and caregivers.

Early in 2009, International Counselling Connections (ICC), agreed to work in co-operation with ACCESS to provide cancer support. This service is now known as ACCESS Cancerlink. In addition to ICC counsellors, the team is comprised of ACCESS volunteers who have had their own experience with cancer.

According to UK-based Macmillan Cancer Support, 25% of people with cancer feel they don't have anyone they can talk to about their illness. People feel alone and afraid. They are often overwhelmed by the medical jargon and the treatment choices they have to make. Added to this is the difficulty expats face living in a country where it can be difficult to find information in their own language. Providing information in Bulgarian, German, Greek, Portuguese, and Russian, in addition to English and Dutch, ACCESS Cancerlink provides a point of contact for people who have cancer or are recovering from cancer, and for those who are concerned about family and friends with cancer.

Talking about cancer can relieve some of your anxiety and is the first step towards dealing with the disease. Emotions can be very tangled and confused. You might find it difficult to understand your feelings and hard to share them with your friends or family. Talking to a counsellor gives you an opportunity to speak to someone who is outside your situation, who will listen carefully to what you say, and who has the skill and understanding to help you explore your feelings and find ways of coping with them. It is also easier to find the information you need when you have someone to help you clarify your questions and point you in the right direction for answers.

Over 50% of people diagnosed with cancer recover. These survivors can be a great source of hope to people coping with diagnosis and treatment. Connecting people who can help each other is an important aspect of ACCESS Cancerlink.

ACCESS Cancerlink offers

  • free telephone support
  • information about services and organisations that provide support to people with cancer and their carers
  • a way to connect and share experiences with others whose lives are or have been affected by cancer
  • help finding one-to-one counselling, on a fee-paying basis, at a location convenient to you

Our Goal . . .

. . . to provide a safe space where individuals affected by cancer can find the understanding and support they need to enhance their ability to cope.

For support and information, contact
ACCESS Cancerlink
The ACCESS Helpdesk:
0900 222 2377 (20 euro-cents per minute)
International Counselling Connections:
06 2259 0772

Survivors of cancer can be a great source of hope
to people coping with diagnosis and treatment.
Connecting people who can help each other
is an important part of ACCESS Cancerlink.