Counselling during the Corona Crisis

The corona crisis has dramatically and rapidly changed our world. It has changed how we live and work. Never have we faced a time of such uncertainty for the future.

At ICConnections, we are responding to these lifestyle changes. The restrictions on social contact require us to change how we all live and work. And, as counsellors, we are aware that now, more than ever, there will likely be an increasing need for counselling support.

Our first priority is to provide continuity of service to our existing clients in a safe environment. While normally we meet the majority of clients face to face in our counselling rooms, this is no longer safe and appropriate except in exceptional cases. As counsellors at ICC, we have been in touch with our clients to discuss how best to proceed. Many are happy to switch to online sessions, while some others prefer to take a break.

We are also aware that at this time of crisis and anxiety there may be an increasing demand for our counselling services. We are available to work with new clients using online platforms or by telephone.

Tips for coping with social isolation


The extent and speed of change places huge demands on our coping resources. Working from home, entertaining children who are no longer at school, and looking after vulnerable family members can lead to being overwhelmed and stressed. So many people are self-isolating, worried about not spreading infection, anxious about their own health, and especially becoming ill with Covid-19. Friends and family try to comfort and support each other - but at a distance. There are no comforting hugs or physical presence, no visits to a hospitalized loved one or someone in a care facility. Many people are grieving the loss of someone close to them, without the comfort of a goodbye.

Then there are the most heroic - those who take care of the sick in these desperate circumstances. Who takes care of the carers?

We are here to help. If you need support, please contact us at

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