Nicole Drinkwater

I am of German nationality and have lived in the Netherlands since 2000.

My professional background is in science, with a Masterís degree in chemistry, and I have taught in both Germany and the USA (where I lived for 5 years).

Living in foreign countries, building up a new life and career, and raising children in a third-culture environment led me to change my professional path in 2004 and to study to become a counsellor, and in spring 2008, I was awarded an advanced diploma in therapeutic counselling, accredited through the Counselling & Psychotherapy Awarding Body (CPCAB) in the UK. I help clients with such issues as adjusting to change, managing relationships, coping with stress and depression, and overcoming difficult life stages. I feel grateful and privileged to accompany my clients on their journey of greater awareness.

My approach to counselling is to focus on the clientís here-and-now experience, looking at the issue from different angles, and helping the client to gain more insight into and understanding of underlying issues and feelings, which I believe is the first step for change. I do believe in a personís potential for growth and self-healing. Central to my approach is a supportive, accepting, and respectful relationship with my client.

My interest lies in the connection and relationship between the mind and body. In addition to counselling, I practice yoga, followed Tai Chi lessons for years and conduct meditation classes for personal development and greater awareness. I am currently working on my accreditation to become a mindfulness-based cognitive therapist to conduct mindfulness training for groups and individuals and to integrate mindfulness techniques into the therapeutic process.

I see clients in Wassenaar and Leiden and counsel in English, German, and Dutch. I am a member of the Algemene Beroepsvereniging voor Counselling (ABvC, membership number 116324) here in the Netherlands and am registered with the Stichting voor Complementaire and Alternatieve Gezondheidszorg (SCAG, registration number 14541), a foundation for complementary and alternative healthcare.

Phone: +31 6 1034 0785

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